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The Annual Technical Fest!

Wings Antarang

Late Jans and early Febs bring out roars of engines, whirls of propellers, crackling of metals and that some tip top sounds of keyboards among the buzzing of indistinct crowd. The source of all this? The very own trademark of GECA itself, The WINGS! The only one-of-a-kind Tech Festival organized in Marathwada region. WINGS is a national level technical festival where various teams from various renowned colleges participate in diverse technical competitions to mark their victory. Every year nearly 3000-4000 students participate in WINGS making it a grand platform to show off technical skills. Special guests are invited for the inauguration program, the wait is only till the flags are off for the events holding their spirits. On 3rd February 2023, the national level technical fiesta of the Government College of Engineering commenced with great pomp. Wings 2023 became the largest technical event in the Marathwada region.

The first program in the schedule was the Inauguration Ceremony, in the IT Seminar Hall, IT Department, GECA. The Technical Education Joint Director Umesh Nagdeve, former member of the governing body of the college, entrepreneur Ravindra Vaidya, University founder Dr. Bhalchandra Waikar was the Chief Guest for the ceremony. The other dignitaries included Dr. A.S. Bhalchandra, the Principal of the college. At the beginning of the Inauguration Dr. Pramod Yewle cut the ribbons, marking the beginning of Wings 2023

WINGS 2023 by GECA provided platform for various tech elements to compete in and was based on the theme “A Space Expedition”. After two years, WINGS was back on the grounds of GECA and all set to become more prominent than ever before. For the new edition of WINGS, our key events included Dronix, Roborace, GECA'S Innovation Fest, Nitro Race, Bridge Mania, Ode-To-Code, Aqua-rocketry and many more events Various colleges send their techno critics teams to make their name at WINGS.

It’s not only the tough rivals that fuels the mass participation but also the handsome rewards each winning team receives along with an opportunity to grab attention of any Hi-tech professional organization, you never know! WINGS not only act as a platform for curious minds to explore but also as place where growing technological firms search for talents that can be utilized by them in right direction.

The vibes at WINGS 2023 engulfed everyone around the growing technical miracles of the 21st century. Year by year as the WINGS has grown its reputation, the tech elements within it are also simultaneously trying to cope up with its latest ongoing trends and material. WINGS promotes innovation from students of various engineering departments and allows the stretching of imagination beyond engineering minds for participants as well as the organizing teams.

On 5rd February 2023, the 3rd day of national level technical fiesta of the Government College of Engineering Aurangabad. The last day of Wings 2023 included mainly finals of few competitions and Prize Distribution Ceremony, after the final rounds. The ceremony was graced by the presence of Dr. A.S. Bhalchandra, the Principal of Government College of Engineering, - addressed the students and encouraged them to participate in more such events, but ensure that they strike a perfect balance in their studies. Then, the winners of various events were felicitated .350 students from all over the 7 country participated in the Wings 2023 technical competition. Students showcased their technical skills in all seven competitions. The prize was distributed in the presence of former student of the college and entrepreneur Motilal Patni. Faculties involved in Wings 2023 - Ghanegaonkar ma’am, Atipamulu sir, Nemade ma’am for mentoring the events. Besides technical knowledge, event management and organizing skills were also grasped by the students who volunteer in coordinating with college authorities for smooth conduction of WINGS, these backend guys learned to manage funds, manage time windows along with accuracy and perfection in the task allotted to them.