The high table

Student Departmental
As the president of Students' Council of college, I was afforded with privilege of being in position to help students. Being in touch with their problems, helped me gain another perspective towards life.

Ayush Bhagat


A group of 7 students differentiated by branches but United by hearts and forms a new Students'Council 2023. I enjoyed my tenure, got full support from other secretaries and equal powers as President. Organised WINGS, Antarang , Spirito for first time from last 3 years.We had set up a benchmark which should be improved by next Students' Council.

Tejas Mohite Patil

Council Secretary

Cannot be expressed in words, but serving this Post from last 3 Years is a fun and one of the memorable part of career. You have to be a very technical person by knowledge not just in your branch but other streams as well. Hosted a National level technical event here and dozens of technical activities during this time. Great experience it was..

Rahul Patle

Technical Secretary

I believe that sports participation is an important aspect of college life, providing opportunities for physical fitness, socialization, and personal growth. I am optimistic about the future of sports in our college, and will look forward to seeing continued growth and success in our sports programs.

Shubam Nagulwar

Sports Secretary

It was great experience with gecs's student council, I saw how Indian government system works very closely so I learned more about the patience. As cultural secretary I executed many activities such as participation of college in purushottam karandak and wining of it is one of the most important achievement of my life. Second one is participating in firodiya 2023, and one of the mile Stone is execution of Anatarang. Being a part of council I enjoyed and learned a lot !

Ashit Kharat

Cultural Secretary

As the Ladies Representative for GECA, I had the privilege of working with the student council to address issues faced by female students in college, including those related to mess halls, hostels, and authority cabins. Despite challenges, we successfully organized events and fostered a supportive and flexible council. This experience taught me valuable skills in problem-solving, networking, and maintaining a positive outlook. I'm grateful for this opportunity and wish the best for future Ladies representatives.

Akanksha Wagh

Ladies Representative

it has been a great privilege to me to have been given the opportunity to serve the has been an exceptionally busy year. We have had to deal with a rapid succession of important events and situations, many of which are still unfolding. Indeed, for me, personally, it has been a most eventful period throughout, at times challenging but on the whole a most rewarding experience as Ladies Representative !

Dhanashri Shirsath

Ladies Representative