An almanac of all our cherished memories, Abhivyakti is an expression of the talents possessed by all our college mates. An ode to all the achievements that have hitherto gone unnoticed, Abhivyakti has started the journey to catalogue all events in our college.

About Catalyst

The annual college magazine 'Catalyst' is a product of the innovative minds of 4 people. A place for the college to rhapsodize itself has now sustained the test of time and enters its 6th year of production. 2016 saw the college magazine in it's pilot form with the creators anticipating nothing but the legacy to be continued. It came as a pleasant surprise when this half-baked product internalized the euphoria built around it.

2017 saw us adapt to the theme 'Make in India' to promote future entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. Various events that were conducted engulfed a good participation from the students. Carrying the fire forward, the next year witnessed us incorporating the theme 'WHY?' resonating with the feel and feedback of the college at that time. This being a very homegrown and organic theme, the feedback received was phenomenal. With 'I to We', the magazine tried out highlighting a bigger purpose of the human life.

This year, with the onset of the pandemic, everything shutting down and the world coming to a halt, we have emphasized on the ability to being reborn, to rise from the ashes and beating the odds by being tenacious, innovative, adaptive and creative.

Our Previous & Newsletters Magazines



A Culmination of multitude of perspectives.



Newsletter Edition 1.0



With the world facing a gruesome pandemic, here comes a bit of respites from all the negativity.


First Milestone

With an experience of 4 years, Catalyst enters its fifth year with youthful vigor!


Higher we Soar

The caterpillar that was in the cocoon for the past three years, strengthening its wings to face the ruthless wind, now finally sore higher and higher in the sky.


Breaking the Norms

Catalyst tore down the high and thick wall of orthodox norms and rules built by the conventional and prejudiced minds and asked “Why?”, a question that seldom remains unanswered.



Moving to the second year, the crawls transformed to steps. Not only was Catalysts in hearts and minds, but also in the hands of people.



A baby took birth among some like-minded people, marking the beginning of a journey which would ignite a spark in the hearts of many for the years to come